Who We Are

Who We Are: We are intelligent lawyers who recognize the demand of their clients to consummate professionalism with integrated, innovative and practical solutions.

Our Core Values: Who We Are

We believe in INTEGRITY. This is the very essence of our existence as a Firm.

We value EXCELLENCE and we continually seek for ways to improve our services and exceed clients’ expectations with every given transaction.

HARD WORK is in our nature and encoded in our DNA , we ensure we get the job done within the set deadlines.

We practice INNOVATION with every given task and use evolving technology to serve our clients better.

Our Promise

Time is everything
We promise faster turnaround times on work given.

Our approach and attitude are enthusiastic
We promise a personalised client focused approach

We have an international outlook
We promise to work with international best practices

We value your relationship
We promise an effective and efficient service delivery

We have built a large network of partners
We promise to use our network to your advantage

Your success is our success
We promise you our commitment to help you succeed

We are aware of local challenges
We promise to guide you through the journey

Our Vision

To serve, assist and support our clients to become top providers in their industry by providing them with our quality legal services and to ensure that we become a global market leader in our areas of practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At T & A Legal, we dare to make a unique difference in our community. We appreciate and we give back to our host communities in appreciation of the critical yet unseen role they play in providing us with an enabling environment to offer our services.

Why T & A Legal