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Innovative solutions that solve real challenges.

T & A Legal’s industry strength includes Retail, Real Estate & Construction, Agriculture, Telecommunications & Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Tax, Energy & Power, Government & Public Sector and Mining & Solid Minerals. We deploy a network of expertise of our intelligent lawyers who recognise the demand of their clients to consummate professionalism with integrated, innovative and practical solutions.

Commercial Law

When you discuss corporate and commercial transactions with us, we listen to understand your objective and end game, by so doing, we are able to give legal advice that explains your rights, obligations, liabilities and the legal implication of your decisions. We also look to guide your decision making to decrease the likelihood of a dispute with your business partners, clients, vendors and employees. We want you to do business without conflict.

Count on us to offer you top notch solutions capable of resolving broad range of employment issues including trade union regulations, private sector pension schemes and retirement benefits; staff negotiations, employment contracts and employment protection.

We offer a full range of immigration services to cater to the movement of persons to and from Nigeria for business, leisure, medical, study, migration etcetera.
Our experience and reliability of our processes creates peace of mind for all our clients be it individuals, families or companies with a few or hundreds of foreign nationals.
We also provide regulatory compliance services and assist multinational and local corporations in the mobility of their work force across the globe. This includes the applications such as expatriate quotas, resident permits, business permits and ECOWAS cards.

We specialise in providing practical solutions in the e-commerce space to businesses like yours. We help to resolve challenges with respect to copyright and trademarks, licensing, formation of online contracts, website terms and conditions, privacy and data protection, domain name registration and disputes, software-as-a-service agreements, master services agreements and development and implementation contracts.

We specialise in the registration of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property to protect the exclusive rights to the creations of the mind of any person.
We also provide ancillary services which may involve defending and recovering exclusive use to intellectual property. We have key contact personnel at the relevant trademarks institution who provide insights to ensure an expedited progress of our applications.

Real Estate

We proffer practical solutions to real estate matters with peace of mind as a goal. Here, our mastery of the regulations, historical transactions as well as our experience with the regulatory agencies comes to play.

We specialise in securing and adding value to your properties and real estate projects. We assist with all statutory and regulatory compliance involved with land purchases, construction works, renovating, extending, improving or converting property from one use type to another and resolving any possible challenges associated therewith.

We walk you through the process of securing short and long term finance for your properties and real estate investments and projects. Such finances usually will cover the costs of converting an existing property or developing land into flats, houses in multiple occupation, or alternate uses. It is normally advanced as a loan, secured against that property or land asset.

You can count on us as your dependable legal partner when it comes to fulfilling the conditions to create maximum returns for your long term agricultural investments across different aspect of the value chain. We help to resolve challenges arising from securing your farm inputs, production, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, agricultural finance and management.

Dispute Resolution

We practise litigation, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution matters. We reduce the disruptive impact of legal proceedings whilst ensuring a successful outcome. Considering our depth of understanding in commercial transactions, we work to minimise the risk of future litigation from the initial stages of business transactions. That said, we equally understand that dispute(s) may be unavoidable and keep our Client’s interests as the paramount concern and never secondary to the legal isometrics of counsel on both sides.

Our aim for each case is to set up an excellent team to take the client through the entire process right up to a favourable conclusion.


Public Private Partnerships

We routinely recover assets / debts for Banks, Financial Institutions and several companies in Nigeria.

Business Advisory

Legal Risk Consulting

Bank Searches

Debt Recovery and Asset Tracking

Legal Due Diligence Exercise